BEAM Vacuum System

FAQ About BEAM Central Cleaning Systems

How does a BEAM central cleaning system work?

The Beam power unite is located away from living areas, usually in the garage, or even utility room or closet. The power unite is connected by vacuum tubing to handy wall inlets which are strategically placed throughout the home. It is automatically turned on when the hose is inserted into an inlet (convenient on/off switches are available on several Beam hose models). All vacuumed dust and debris are deposited in the dirt receptacle on the power unit. Also, the power unit’s location means noise in your house is kept to a minimum.

Does the filter need to be cleaned or replaced?

A Beam central cleaning system features an exclusive, permanent, self-cleaning filter which is maintenance-free. This is a time-tested and proven method of filtration. The double cloth filter is constructed of static-free Dacron and backed with 100% cotton sateen. It provides a filtration efficiency of 98.9% at 2 microns. The filter works so well that outside venting – a requirement of many competitive brands – is not needed. Beam’s exclusive filter design also makes it self-cleaning, which eliminates clogging. And, unlike portables and many other built-in vacuums, there are never any messy bags to remove, tear open, spill or replace.

Is Beam central cleaning system very expensive?

A Beam central cleaning system costs less than most people would guess. An average system would cost less than many uprights and canister vacuum models on the markets today. And a Beam is far more powerful. In addition, installing a Beam adds resale value to your home.

Can a Beam system be installed in an existing home?

Yes! A Beam system can be installed in virtually any new or older home with relative ease and no damage to walls. Installation usually takes just a few hours. Any design or style of home – ranch, split-level, two story, split foyer or other – can have a Beam central cleaning system. You can install it yourself too, using the easy-to-follow installation manual and video. Or, if you prefer, your Beam dealer offers professional, hassle-free installation.

How many inlets are needed in an average home?

Since Beam hoses provide a cleaning radius of 25-30 feet (7-9 meters), inlets are strategically installed throughout a home so that virtually every area – from floor to ceiling – can be easily reached by the hose and cleaning tools. The average home usually requires no more than three inlets. In addition, there’s a utility inlet mounted on the power unit for convenient cleaning around the area here it’s located.

Is the hose heavy?

Not at all! Beam hoses are extremely lightweight. And, unlike competitive products, Beam hoses are crush-proof! That means that if you step on, kink, or twist a Beam hose, it will return to its original shape. You’ll find that the lightweight hoses make vacuuming and above-the-floor cleaning easier than ever!

Is there less suction power at the inlet farthest from the power unit?

Distance is not a factor with a Beam. Suction power stays virtually the same throughout the entire system. And, Beam offers a complete line of power unit models to handle any size installation. No matter which model you choose, a Beam is much more powerful than an ordinary vacuum. That means cleaner floors since more dirt and debris are vacuumed away.

How does a Beam improve indoor environment and help allergy sufferers?

Since a Beam is more powerful than ordinary vacuums, it picks up far more dirt, debris, dust, and other allergy-causing irritants. The handy attachments give additional above-the-floor cleaning capabilities. Overall, you have a much cleaner home. Unlike portables, everything is vacuumed, such as fine dust and allergy-causing irritants including dust mites, are removed from living areas. Since the power unit is located in the garage or basement, noise in the living areas is minimal.

What about repairs and maintenance?

Beam central cleaning systems are designed to be maintenance-free. The motor never needs lubrication. The Beam filter is permanent and self-cleaning. The large dirt receptable needs to be emptied only two or three times a year. With a Beam, there are never any messy bags to change. However, if service is needed, your local authorised Beam dealer has factory-trained personnel to handle any warranty or repair work.