Boiler Upgrade

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Upgrade to a Condensing Boiler

A boiler upgrade could be just what your home needs. An efficient and well maintained boiler can reduce consumption and add to the energy efficiency of your property. For instance, the average life of a boiler is 13 – 15 years and due to increased innovation in the industry modern boilers can be up to 25-30% more efficient than older models. A condensing boiler is one that is fueled by gas or oil. Generally, they achieve high levels of efficiency by condensing water vapour by a boiler being wrapped in a container of water. This water is then heated and results in heat provided by the steam.

With over 40 years of industry experience we work hard to find the most cost efficient solution for you and your property. Our dedicated team of tradesmen are committed and passionate about finding the right solution for our clients, giving you peace of mind.


We have years of experience in domestic, commercial and industrial heating system installations including; oil, solid fuel, under floor heating systems and geothermal/ground source and air to water heat pumps, learn more.


Joe Gavin Ltd., specialising in plumbing and electrical repairs including; alternative heating systems that don’t require oil, gas or solid fuel as a heat source, standard heating systems, leaks and electrical faults. Learn more.



S.E.A.I. Grant Registered for heating controls, upgrades, and boiler installations Reg Number 11257

boiler upgrade, Boiler Upgrade
boiler upgrade, Boiler Upgrade
boiler upgrade, Boiler Upgrade
boiler upgrade, Boiler Upgrade
boiler upgrade, Boiler Upgrade